The Truth is always there

The office. Your bedroom. At school.

The Truth is inescapable. It sits there quietly, a bit like time. Everybody knows what it is.

Until somebody starts talking about it. Then it gets corrupted.

It gets corrupted to try to win arguments. To be right. To look competent. To avoid.
And always to protect self-esteem.

But it is what it is. The Truth.

No matter how much bluster, subterfuge, covering up, self-protectionism is used, the Truth is still there.

If you’ve lied to someone, but in a way that although they know you’re lying, it is impossible for them to prove it.
If you’ve then withdrawn from them because it’s too uncomfortable to face. When it might have been better not to create that situation.

Maybe your reactions and opinions depend largely on someone else’s reactions to you.
Perhaps you pretend to be true, truthful, strong, independent, and paint yourself as such in your surface actions.
Although this is just learned protection, and underneath you’re not as strong as you’d like to be.
Maybe you did wrong, boy… but are not acknowledging it, to yourself or the person who you’ve wronged.

Maybe it’d be better to admit weakness and wrong to the wronged; submit to their mercy. Life may get even better.


Faster, faster, you won’t go far
Shouldn’t leave, feeling faith, we both know why
You got to show me, both knees, cold I lie
Hold me slowly, hide me till I can fly
Always we can sing, we can make time
Old songs, flood and flame, you could be mine
But you got to show me, both knees, skin and bone
Clothe me, throw me, move me – till

I can sell you lies
You can’t get enough
Make a true believer of
Anyone anyone anyone
I can call you up if I feel alone
I can feed your dirty mind
Like I know I know what you are

Icon of symmetry, swallowing sides
Fall down in front of me, follow my eyes
But I’ve got to see you moving, waste no time
Teach me, make me holy.