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Be Yourself... with more skill™

We've helped people transform their lives for the better... sometimes dramatically so. We work the way you need us to be in order to help you Be Yourself... with more skill™. After 20 years coaching you learn what works, and what usually doesn't.

For example, having some structure to your coaching is a good thing... but we know enough to be able to put the structure aside if it doesn't suit you. That said, all successful coaching has elements of being Aware, Willing and Able in different degrees.


Awareness is the foundation on which your successful leadership, career, performance or life coaching builds. It can include behavioural awareness of yourself, of others and how you may be perceived. It can be awareness of your skills. Awareness comes from reliable data: opinions from friends or colleagues, feedback, appraisals or online tools and apps that you can use yourself, e.g. the NEURODIVERSITY app just down the screen can help analyse behaviour, and how it may impact others.

(Kind of 1a...) ACKNOWLEDGE

Data needs to be accurately interpreted. We'll help you convert data into insight and wisdom. Sometimes you may not believe what it says: for example, you may be pleasantly surprised to hear people think you are really good at something you doubted yourself on, or occasionally vice versa in which case we can coach you on skills. As experienced coaches we'll facilitate and support you in this process in order to set a solid foundation for your successful progression.


All the awareness and acknowledgement in the world won't make a difference unless you see a clear personal benefit in doing something about it. If you think you might be lacking in motivation and staying power we have ways to help you try to find it (and keep it) so that you can be successful. We'll give some insights and counsel, will ask good questions and help you find the answers if you need us.


You have the awareness and motivation, so you want to take action. This may sound the simple bit. Simple maybe, but not always easy. We'll help you improve your skills, for example in communication, influencing, presenting, prioritising. We'll help you change your behaviour if needed. We'll help you hatch and deliver a plan, help you prioritise, and help measure the improvement it makes. Good coaching is a supportive relationship, and we'll be there to make sure you don't give up.

Your Investment - How Much?

Probably less than you'd think to begin to make a real and lasting change to your life.
For personal coaching, there's no charge for an initial exploratory email or 15-minute telephone chat.
Then from £150 for a 45 minute starter session and personal summary/ 'plan on a page'.
A starter session can be a 'coffee and chat' or 'walk and talk' if you prefer.
You then decide how far you want to go with further formal sessions.
Organisational fees on inquiry. All fees subject to VAT and payable in advance.

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