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Specialists in awareness, change, communications in organisations, and in coaching individuals.
Architects of AWARE, WILLING and ABLE©

After extended education and gaining various degrees (doctor qualification, physics, psychology, engineering) all our team changed tack to a business career, leading organisation design & transformation programs as Directors. Clients were mainly in Advertising, Media, The City, Higher Education, Medicine/Health and Public Services.

We've been fortunate to study coaching with some great people, including the late Freddie Strasser at Regents College. Drama studies also helps inform our knowledge of influencing, relationship-building, presentation and public speaking.

It would be hard to be a professional coach without having had experience of leading teams and change in organisations. All of us have led teams & programs that have won awards for business & strategy, and led organisations into various recognised 'Best Places To Work' listings.

So we don’t forget what clients go through daily, we take up periodic full-time roles: e.g. recently as Director for HR/OD&D at the Ministry of Justice and at the BBC; Chief People and Strategy Officer for AEGIS/Carat; Director/program manager at KPMG. We are experienced mediators, facilitators and moderators, having worked with companies from BT to Saatchi to UCL.

Each of us have at least 20 years' experience in multiple sectors: Media, Arts & Heritage, Construction, Professional Services, Charity, Higher Education, Banking, Financial Services, Retail/Fashion and Public sectors. With clients from Diesel to Qantas, The United Nations to HSBC, Heathrow Airport to University College London. and Academic.

_Unstick collaborates on research in neurodiversity, intrinsic motivation, behavioural change and practical psychology and co-develops and publishes iPhone/iPad Apps.


Executive Careers of our Team

Leadership/line management of Talent, Capability, Inclusion & Diversity, L&D, Leadership, Employee Engagement, OD&D.

Working with Digital and Technology Director to merge/redesign the directorate, improve team working, performance management and retain staff.

Leading the ‘Bringing the organisational vision to life’ and ‘Building a diverse and capable workforce’ workstreams for the MoJ 2020 Transformation program.

Designing and leading 5 month transformation of Corporate Services/Operations, including guiding principles, engagement program and so increasing engagement scores against the general trend.

Designing & implementing 2016 Inclusion & Diversity, Talent strategies.

Designing & implementing 2016 Capability, Leadership & L&D strategies

Driving closer working relationships between 40 MoJ Directors for org. benefits.

Leading Organisational Development & Design initiatives for other MoJ bodies and the Civil Service.

Working with Director General's Strategists, HR, Marketing team. Leading design and delivery of a Change & Engagement Programme to deliver BBC Strategy and transformation of the organization culture in the wake of recent high profile issues. Change portfolio included new leadership behaviours and new and existing people-centred projects across the BBC - e.g. recruitment, talent development, leadership, career mobility, organisation design, behavioural change - for 22,000 full time and 66,000 contract staff.

Led transformation for UK Media & Comms group with 7 companies, later extending to Europe and Global. Led global performance management, directors’ reward/LTIPS, L&D. Counsel to the CEO and Directors. Leapt to #1 in revenue, made National Business Awards finals, first in sector to enter Sunday Times Best Companies To Work. Also managed downsizing program effectively. “We didn’t set up the function for altruistic reasons. We wanted to see returns on investment. Jack and his team delivered” Colin Mills, MD

Strategy, OD, HR, Communications, Change, M&A. Business analysis & change programme manager for large transformation programmes. Based London, Sydney, Melbourne, working worldwide.

Client Interim and Project Work

Embedding new Strategy, Stakeholder & Employee Engagement & Communications. Co-designed engagement strategy to make BTO #1 for customer service. Designed engagement programme to deliver participative events personally to global audience of 14,000. Coached 180 managers to deliver the events.

Strategic Employee & Brand Engagement. Developed strategy with board and CEO, identified behavioural change necessary, then designed one of the first ever genuinely brand-linked behavioural frameworks. Led roll-out of engagement events and supported translation of frame to personal goals for staff. “The best organised and most successful intervention of this type that I have been part of. Everyone engaged with you. Very impressed.” Siân Davies, CEO

Programme manager for groundbreaking transformation project that changed the nature of the construction industry and Terminal 5’s relationship with suppliers. Led stakeholder engagement, inc suppliers and employees. Results: increased safety and cost-effectiveness, unifying practices for BAA, T5 and 50+ commercial partners; credited as a foundation of T5’s construction success. “You seem to sprinkle magic dust on difficult situations” David Hall, Strategy Director

OD, Change Mgt, Strategy, Internal comms, & Leadership development: board & senior management, working for HRD. “Since you started working with us we've seen increasing alignment in the first-line team. Many people have commented on it.” Tim Pointer, HR Director

L&D Strategy, L&D Supplier Selection, Visiting lecturer in Personality Type and Learning, Motivation, Coach to senior Directors. "His USP is the way he combines the rational, logical, objective approach to the job that fits his scientific background with great insight into and empathy for the emotional/people side of achieving change - driving the change and releasing the energy." Su Bryant, Director, Centre for Advanced Learning And Teaching

Advisor to UCL Director of Museums and Director of UCL Estates.


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