Ensure your organisation and your people deliver what you need, when you need it.


You need or have a short or medium term program of change to put in place. Maybe the stakeholders are aligned, maybe not, but you need them to take ownership. Our expertise will design and deliver a specific program of change and ensure the benefits are delivered and measurable.


Simply what you're planning to do to achieve your goals. Simple; not always easy. The process is bespoke, using 7S or other models or tools. We've smart tools to deploy strategy effectively so everyone is clear on their tasks. HR Strategy and Organisational Development Strategy is a speciality.


Something's not right in your organisation - you may have an idea of the cause, but it needs clarifying and dealing with quickly. Things may have already gone wrong, or you might suspect they're about to, and want to do something about it. You'll want to regain control, re-establish order, act fast.

Facilitation & Moderation

Whether you have a specific goal, or want to explore possibilities, you know you'll benefit from an independent expert without vested interests. Anyone can 'facilitate'. Not just anyone can help you align along a path or to design and lead an organisational event. Our professional facilitation will help design and deliver a successful outcome.


How do you resolve a conflict that has emerged between different personalities or around different courses of action? How do you move ahead as one? We're qualified mediators so if there is conflict at any level we'll help unite people to get things back on track.


Often referred to as the 'softer skills' side of change, it's true that effecting genuine and sustained cultural change requiures an understanding of psychology, systems theory and practice, action research, change theory & practice and practical psychology. That said, generic programs are invariably a waste of money - OD needs to be tailored to your organisation.