We help organisations & people achieve goals through increased awareness, will & skill, and to Unstick their tricky, sticky problems.

We offer four services:

1. Professional coaching

2. Organisational Design and Transformation

3. HR, Organisational Development Interim

4. Troubleshooting

We're the architects of AWARE, WILLING and ABLE© and were founded by Jack Bailey in 2004. A scientist by training, Jack quickly saw that change and improved performance is best grounded in reality and in real data.

You can only be yourself. But Unstick's tools and methods can lead to becoming more aware and then to Being Yourself... with more skill™, both as an organisational employee and as an individual.

We also design highly rated apps in practical psychology and neurodiversity to help people increase awareness and initiate change in their lives (scroll down the page to see these...)

This site shares thoughts and ideas from experiences as practitioners of organisational development & design, strategy & HR and as an interim manager and coach in the UK, across Europe, the US and Asia.

There are also some helpful teambuilding and coaching apps, and a blog.

If you’d like to connect by email, you will be welcome. Which topics could we write about to help you or your organisation?

Unsticking for Individuals - Coaching

Coaching for success.
Be Yourself... with more skill™

Career Development & Performance

Considering a career change? Having issues at work, with a colleague, manager or client? Unstick it.

Leadership, Influence & Relationships

Need more impact? Having an issue with someone? We'll help you Unstick a way through it.

Public Speaking & Presentation

You know what you want to say. You need help to structure it, make it interesting & to get some top delivery tips.

Confidence & Self-Image

Whether we're low or high profile, confidence and self-esteem are essential to help us reach our goals.

Unsticking is a natural process - you can do it by yourself if you have enough self-discipline. But having a coach to assist you can accelerate progress and the coach may see things you don't. Tap READ MORE ABOUT COACHING and follow our three steps to be AWARE, WILLING and ABLE©. It starts with becoming AWARE of your abilities, skills, behaviour based on reliable data and real experiences.

Unsticking also requires motivation, or to be WILLING: what will happen if we do something? What will happen if we don't? The upsides and downsides of change.

Finally, it may require you to be more ABLE learning new skills. We'll support you through your own Unsticking process.


Ensure your organisation and your people deliver what you need, when you need it.


Resolving conflict between different personalities or around different courses of action.


What you're planning to do to achieve your goals. Simple; but not always easy.


Something's not right in the organisation - you need to get to the bottom of it and resolve it quickly.

Facilitation & Moderation

Independent expertise to explore opportunities, decide on action or design and deliver an event.


Developing senior skills in influencing, and motivating as only true coaching can.


Design and delivery of a specific program of change or a short-term role (HR and OD a speciality).


Below are some highly rated Awareness, Neurodiversity and Teamwork apps. "MyTypeOfJob" is invaluable for career selection and change, "TeamMate" for improving teamwork and increasing AWARENESS of personality at work - particularly useful for coaching.

"WhoAreWe?" has a Neurodiversity focus. Tap on the ? icon below.

"Date Mate" assists in date and relationship matching, and there other apps for Parenting.


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The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook

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Rambling Man – acknowledgement

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The scent of burning pants

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