Diversity of personality… are you a cuckoo?

Diversity isn’t only about race, gender, physical ability, religion, age, sexual preference, belief.  It’s also about Personality Type.

People perceive the world in different ways, make decisions in different ways, are extravert or introvert, have diverse views on planning, structure and order.  Psychologist Carl Jung pioneered work on this, as did Briggs, Briggs-Myers, Kiersey and more of us in recent times.

Disagreements in life arise because of these different aspects of personality. An understanding of how or why other people’s viewpoints and decisions differ from our own will help us all get much better results and have better interactions.  So it is valuable… and increases our awareness… to employ people… and just to know people… who have different personality types.

Jung suggested 16 personality types.  This doesn’t mean there are only 16 types of people in the world, there are many aspects to personality. Some types are more common than others.  You can find more details and find your own type in the Apps at Personality Express, the link is below.

Are you a rare type… are you a rare and valuable cuckoo?


Posted by Jack